Family Law & Divorce

Recently there have been new changes to family law which have further complicated marriage and cohabitation, and the issues arising upon a separation of the parties.

We offer experienced, professional assistance to help you with the matters or separation and divorce, including issues of

  • custody
  • access
  • child support
  • spousal support
  • property
  • variation of existing arrangements
  • Many times, with our help, these matters can be resolved out of court, saving time and money.

    The Interview Process

    We offer a free initial consultation during which time we can often complete a very general review of your circumstances and provide you with an indication of your options and the significance of each choice.

    In reviewing your particular circumstances, our first consideration will be to identify exactly what your concerns are. Once we have identified the difficulties, we will then explain to you the significance of the matter in terms of the law and how it affects you. We then lay out for you the most effective approach to the resolution you seek.

    In representing your interests we believe that it is important that every reasonable effort be made to resolve matters in an effective manner, protecting your interests and seeking to resolve matters by agreement if that is possible.

    We make every effort to keep you involved in the process at every step, so that you can see how your matter is progressing, and allow you to participate as much as you wish.