Living Will

A Living Will or Do Not Resuscitate directive is now usually contained within the Power of Attorney for Personal Care, as your Substitute Decision Maker is the person who carries out your end of life decisions. Often these directives specify that no heroic measures are to be taken and that if your physician has determined that such treatment will only prolong the dying process you simply be given medication or treatment to keep you in comfort. This is a very, very difficult decision to be taken and you may wish not to leave it up to your loved ones. In this case, make sure a Living Will is included in your Power of Attorney for Personal Care. For more specific information on Living Wills, you may wish to visit the websites of groups focusing on this area, such as Dying with Dignity. You can visit them at:

The Government of Ontario has a very informative website on Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care, including downloadable forms. You can link to this site at: