What will it cost?

The legal costs consist of three components: fees, disbursements and taxes. Fees are the cost of our firm's professional services. Disbursements are the out of pocket costs that we incur on your behalf to complete the transaction for you.

Our typical fees and disbursements for a single family residence in the City of Ottawa are


  • Fees - $700
  • Disbursements - $250


  • Fees - $900
  • Disbursements - $900

Examples of disbursements are the cost to register the deed, the cost to register the mortgage (or discharge of mortgage if you are selling), the cost to search the title, title insurance costs (see "Title Insurance" below), couriers, clearance certificates, cost to certify cheques, and so on. Taxes are the Goods and Services Tax ("GST") and, for purchases only, the Land Transfer Tax ("LTT"). Fees, Disbursements and Taxes will vary with each property.

We would be pleased to provide a specific, detailed quotation. If you are buying or selling property located in Ontario, Canada, please submit a request for a quote via our quote request for.

There are no hidden costs, or extra charges in fine print. Quoted disbursement and tax prices are, however, subject to change due to tax increases or other cost increases beyond our control.