When do I get the keys?

Although registration is now electronic and the process itself is virtually instantaneous, (in most areas - there are exceptions, for example the former counties of Grenville, Dundas, Glengarry and Leeds) the actual time it takes to close is dependent upon several factors. First, monies have to be received from the financial institution you are dealing with and banking has to be done on the day of closing. Then the certified monies have to be sent by courier to the other law firm. Finally both lawyers have to be available to access their computers to “close” the transaction.

Typical timing for picking up keys at your lawyer’s office is mid afternoon. It could be as late as 5:00 p.m. (this is the time that the electronic system shuts down), or, if things go very well, as early as noon. But don’t count on your keys to schedule your movers or to have your appliances delivered, carpets cleaned, etc., until later in the day.